2017 Holiday Photos

(Christmas painting on the front window of Jack’s Scissor Wiz in Hackettstown, NJ)















(Jodi Kryszak from Hackettstown, NJ)









(Michael Palko from Hackettstown, NJ – Beautiful Christmas lights surrounded by snow)
















(Tatyana Rossa & William Saunders from Hampton Twp., NJ)













(Maria T Hadley from Long Valley, NJ – This is a photo of our mantle in our living room.)









(Chuck Smith from Independence Twp.,NJ)








(Monica Maxwell from Hackettstown, NJ – Holiday lighting minion style ..we also decorate our deck with a live tree and old school lights.)













(Gene Popson from Hackettstown, NJ as Mr. Claus and his lights.)
























(Erin Tynan from Hckettstown, NJ – When you have a summer toy in your yard in the middle of Christmas decorating season!)










(Anthony Preziosi from Mansfield Twp., NJ)