WRNJ is introducing Multichannel Marketing!

BID Members have exclusive rates

Please contact our Sales Dept.

WRNJ Simulcasts on 92.7 & 104,7 FM / 1510 AM

60 & 30 Second Commercials  – Our professional team writes, records and produces commercials that keep your company’s goals in mind and that drive traffic towards your brand! Consistency and frequency are key components to keep in mind when advertising on the radio to ensure ‘Top of the Mind Awareness’ within consumers.

60 second spot = $35 – Each (15 per week @ $30 & 20 per week @ $27

30 second spot = $25 – Each (15 per week @ $22 & 20 per week @ $20)

  • $5 additional per spot in drive times (Mon – Fri | 6-10am or 3-7pm)

BID Packages –  Local BID members have the opportunity to introduce their brand to our audience with a affordable  15 second spot recorded by a staff member! This 15 second spot is accompanied with 2 non competing companys, along with an intro/outro courtesy of WRNJ.  (Airs a minimum of min 30x per month). $200

RNJ News Sponsors – Our news team provides the latest happenings  every hour from 6am – 7pm. Add your commercial during one of our newscasts and get noticed!  (intro & outro + 30 second spot). $35 each

Weather Sponsors – Weather sponsors have great frequency! These 7 second  spot runs 36x in one day – during our weather broadcasts.

(7 second weather sponsor that runs 36x in 24 hours) $150 Per 36 spots

EX ‘ “This weather was brought to you by (YOUR COMPANY + POSITIONING STATEMENT)”

Program Sponsor – Have the DJ shout your brand out during their programs in AM or PM drive! (15 second live read). $20 per read


Remote Broadcast – Have WRNJ live from your location! We have give aways, live interviews with staff/customers, and Music!  $999 + Talent fees ($500 – includes: Social Media, Audio, and On Air talent)

  • 20 – 30 second spots prior to the event and interviews.
  • 3 hours live on air – w/ 9 on air drops from your event.
  • Social media coverage of the event before, during and after.
  • Merchandise give a ways!

Banner Ads – We have ‘Banner ‘ads’ for and you will appear on every page of our site. With the introduction of online streaming sees over 50,000 page views per month. Banner ads are 300 x 100 and can be either made by you or us!  Your banner ad will rotate with the rest of the ads for only $100.00 per month sending the consumer to the landing page of your choice.  If you’re interested please contact one of our account managers.

News Blogs – Our #RNJNEWS Dept. produces and publishes news stories on air and on our website several times per day in AM and PM drive times. These newsasts appear on our social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter) as well. With over 50,000 page views per month, having your logo hyperlinked to your desired landing page can really increase traffic and brand awareness for your organization, contact an account manager. $25 per news story.

Program Sponsors  – WRNJ has several live programs that take place through out the week. You have the opportunity to get your company’s  logo on our promotion for each program, which feeds to our social media platforms reaching thousands of consumers daily. We have programs that run each day 6-10AM (Mon – Sat) and 3-7PM (Mon-Fri). Our talk programs run weekdays 10-11am. Please contact an account manager for pricing. Starts @ $35 per promotion.

Strategies  & Development – If your social media platforms need a once over or if your need to develop platforms, strategies, or networks contact our experts.  Our multimedia marketing experts utilize the latest strategies and tools in social media marketing. Making conversions, scheduling content, measuring traffic, studying demographics, re-targeting, brand development, & sale increases are all optimized when SMM is incorporated into your brand’s marketing plan. Let our exports help you optimize your social media use for your brand.

Campaigns & Promotions – Do you have  something to say, but don’t know how today it or who to tell? Let us help, We have over 25k active users that frequently interact with our online and on air content. Complement your on air campaign with social media campaign on our network. We’ll attach your social profile of choice and develop a script that advocates for your company. This is designed to jump start you social media platforms and give your brand an online presence with our network.

 Flash Promotions – Need to market a sale or  give a way? That’s where social media really comes into play, flash promos can drive instant traffic towards your brand with the right incentive!


If you are unsure on where to start contact us!


(Pricing depends on Frequency, Consistency, Day part, & Location).