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Needs and Opportunities at the Barnyard Sanctuary

Tamala Lester, the Founding Director of the Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia stopped by the RNJ Morning Program with news of things going on these days. First of all Tamala shared info on two job openings they have. There is a full time opening taking care of animals and coordinating volunteers, and a part time position taking care of chickens and a few other animals. If you are interested, or would like to learn more, visit, send Tamala an email at, or call 973-670-4477.

Tamala also shared: “We are looking for people to sign up to be monthly hay sponsors to help us cover our $9,000 per month hay bill. Every $6 buys a bale.”

“We would love donations of:

1) hay- square and round bales, straw

2) chain link dog kennels

3) plastic dog houses/igloos

4) 2 snowblowers

5) round pen panels and any type gates

6) leaf rakes and pitchforks

7) cans of Friskies wet cat food

8) rubber stall mats

“We are launching our Winter Housing Fundraiser. We need to build more shelters before winter comes for all the additional animals we took in since last winter. We need:

1) run-in shed and round pen panels for 3 new zebus

2) run-in shed and round pen panels for 2 water buffalo

3) run in shed for 5 large donkeys and 1 mule

4) run in shed for 8 minis, 1 pony and 1 mule

5) round pen panels for 2 sets of 2 horses, and another for 3 emus

6) 8 new pens and 11 new houses for pot belly pigs

7) 3 metal hog houses

8) 5 goat houses

Contact Tamala if you have any of these items to donate by sending an email to, or call 973-670-4477.

You can also donate via the Barnyard Sanctuary website, where you will also find the mailing address to send checks.

And, the Barnyard Sanctuary always welcomes volunteers!