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The Warren County Farmers’ Fair is Searching For Former Fair Queens

The Warren County Farmers’ Fair is trying to locate all former fair queens for a reunion happening on Wednesday, August 2nd at the 80th annual Warren County Farmers’ Fair in Harmony Township. The fair office hasn’t been able to locate the following queens:

1960 Millie Dowling Sanders

1962 Nancy Shafer Hausamann

1964 Peggy Hagenbuch

1969 Shari Guest

1973 Ellen Lipman

1980 Nancy Eichlin Mason

1983 Doreen Williams

1984 Virginia Carita

1986 Valerie Cook

1987 Elizabeth Kay

1988 Michelle Lightner

1989 Lee Ann Fox

1995 Jennifer Sandry Montella

These former queens are asked to please contact the W.C. Fair Office at 908-859-6563 or email