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Don’t Like having an MRI? Check This Out!

On Monday edition of the RNJ Morning Program, Morning Mike spoke with Dr. Michael Mantinaos, a Radiologist with Radiology Associates of Hackettstown (RAH). He stopped by the RNJ studios to talk about Sweet Dreams MRI Conscious Sedation. Dr. Mantinaos noted that a significant number of people simply have trouble with having an MRI done. The process requires them to stay very still, while they are enclosed in a very small space, inside a large, loud machine. RAH is preparing to offer Sweet Dreams MRI Conscious Sedation. An anesthesiologist administers a small dose to relax the patient for the short time (usually less than 20 minutes) they are in the MRI machine. Dr. Mantinaos said some patients may fall asleep. This will help patients who may suffer from claustrophobia, anxiousness., or pain. Helping patients remain still will result in an optimal image quality. And, Dr. Mantinaos noted this will allow for pediatric scanning. They will be one of only two facilities in New Jersey to offer this service.

Radiology Associates of Hackettstown hopes to have this service available beginning April 1st, and they are already taking appointments. Call 908-979-1621 to learn more. Radiology Associates of Hackettstown is located in the Patriots Plaza on Route 46 east of Hackettstown, across from Hackettstown Honda.