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Upcoming Art Show Highlights “Exploring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Through Art”

On a recent Monday, Morning Mike spoke with Julie Becker from the Family Guidance Center of Warren County. Julie is a Case Manager for the Intensive Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs. In working with a number of her clients, Julie asked about things that brought them joy or pleasure. A number of them mentioned art – but a common theme was that they were no longer doing these things. Julie asked some of her clients to bring in art they had done. When she saw it, she was amazed at how beautiful these examples were, and saddened that these pieces were not being enjoyed by others.

The result is an Open House Art Show on Saturday, March 24th, from 1:00 until 4:00p.m., in the Phillipsburg office at 370 Memorial Parkway (Route 22, in the center section of the highway near the post office). The show will feature over 90 works of art created by clients served by the Family Guidance Center of Warren County that depict their experiences of treatment and recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder. Julie said the art will remain on display for a few weeks afterward, so people can view it during regular business hours at the office. She hopes to have at least some of the pieces displayed elsewhere throughout the county in coming months. You can learn more at the website for the Family Guidance Center of Warren County and on their Facebook page.