“Kindness Rocks” are being placed in towns throughout Morris County

MOUNT ARLINGTON, N.J. (Morris County) – This Friday marks the one year anniversary when 10-year-old Christopher D’Amico died in a tragic boating accident on Lake Hopatcong.

In an effort to keep his memory alive, help the family heal and remind the world what an amazing human being they lost, his family started theKindness for Christopher Facebook page.

“We are not asking for money…this movement doesn’t require it and it is not a charity. Even though people have donated to animal shelters and scholarships.. As well as we had a pajama drive that raised over 4,000 pairs of PJs to sick children and the elderly.. All we are asking is for people to do one random act of kindness daily but especially on the 24th of every month in honor of our son,” according to the Facebook page.

This week, “Kindness Rocks” have been found throughout towns in Morris County such as Jefferson Township, Mount Arlington and Roxbury Township.

“As of now we still don’t know who has been kind enough to have started this…we have a few ideas.. But we love it and them just the same!!!,” the Facebook page said.

Last Friday night, a little girl came to the Mount Arlington Firehouse and some people at the station noticed that she put something in front of the bay doors.

“Naturally we did not see a parent and thought it was strange that it was 9:30 at night so we went to look for her and she was already gone,” the Mount Arlington Fire Department Facebook page said.

After they went to investigate, they noticed the little girl left a few “Kindness Rocks.”

“We would like to thank the little girl who ever you are for putting these stones in front of the firehouse it did make us smile and we did leave them there. Such a small gesture really can go a long way. Being kind has better outcomes then being mean. Please share and show the type of kind people in the world today,” according to the Facebook post.










“Kindness can come in all forms… like holding a door open, telling someone they look great that day.. it’s not monetary.. but it can buying someone a cup of coffee..etc. and if you feel inclined, post what you did to our page… We’ve seen how contagious this can become.. In eight short months this has become a global movement with people doing some amazing things from Hawaii to Italy,” the Kindness For Christopher Facebook page said.

By: Jay Edwards
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