Mansfield Twp police start new “Litter Marshal” program

MANSFIELD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (Warren County) – The Mansfield Township Police Department in cooperation with Clean Communities is now sponsoring a Litter Marshal Program.

The Litter Marshal program allows residents to anonymously report people littering in Mansfield Township so the Police Department can follow up with education and enforcement, police said.

Mansfield Township residents and business employees are able to join the program free of charge. A Litter Marshal Program Packet, including litter educational materials, a reporting pad and a welcome letter, is available for pick up at the police department.

The Marshals report littering incidents by calling, e-mailing or mailing information about the incident including the license plate of the vehicle, type of litter, date, time and location for follow up by the police department.

The owner of the vehicle is sent information regarding the effects of littering and the Township’s anti-littering ordinance including possible fines for subsequent offenses, police said.

The program is paid for through the New Jersey Clean Communities grant program, police said.

For more information about the Litter Marshal program or to join the program, stop by the Mansfield Township Police Department to pick up your packet or call us at 908-689-6222. You may also email us at

Anyone wishing to report a littering or illegal dumping incident in Mansfield Township can call our dispatch center at 908-852-0003. Please include the license plate of the vehicle, location, type of litter, date and time of the incident.

“For your own safety, Do Not Confront Anyone!,” police said.

By: Jay Edwards
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