Mock crash shows Hackettstown High School students consequences of poor choices (PHOTOS)

HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. (Warren County) – Hackettstown High School held a drug and alcohol prevention program in front of the high school Tuesday to coincide with National Substance Abuse Prevention month.

Students watched as some of their peers and Hackettstown police, fire and emergency workers staged a mock tragedy that was scripted to demonstrate the consequences of teens drinking and/or using drugs and then driving.






In addition to the staged scene, complete with student actors covered with fake blood, some students became part of the every 15 minute program.

The program is a nationally recognized program which aims at giving you a real glimpse at the impact your daily decisions have on not only yourself but all of those around you.

Every 15 minutes a person dies in a fatal accident where alcohol, prescription drugs, and/or marijuana play a role.

-1 in 9 positive for marijuana

-47% tested positive for prescription drugs

-Almost half tested psotivie for alcohol

-1 out of 4 are caused by texting and driving








A live panel discussion for community members and parents will be held at Hackettstown High School, 599 Warren St., on Wednesday, October 5 to review Tuesday’s events and the impact of the program.

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By: Jay Edwards
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