Video: NJ Biker Arrested For Eluding Police, Posted The High-Speed Chase Online

Pequannock (Morris County) – Anthony Darrigo,20, of Haskell, New Jersey, who recorded himself fleeing a traffic stop on December 10, 2015 and then posting the video online, was arrested Wednesday(4/6/16), according to police.

A Pequannock, New Jersey police officer saw Darrigo doing a wheelie and then attempted to pull him over, but Darrigo sped away.

Darrigo then proceeded to elude the officer at a high rate of speed and according to the speedometer in the video, he exceeded 140 miles per hour.

Haskell was arrested at his home following a 4 month investigation into the incident. During the investigation, police received tips from the public and were told that the suspect had posted the video of the pursuit on YouTube.

Investigators later obtained a search warrant for Darrigo’s home, where his motorcycle, helmet, jacket, helmet-mounted video camera, laptop computer and cell phone were all seized as evidence, according to police.

Darrigo was charged with second-degree eluding police with risk of severe bodily injury, third-degree eluding police, fourth-degree resisting arrest and was released on his own recognizance.

By: Jay Edwards
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