Warren County Christmas tree farmer returns lost wedding ring (VIDEO)

BELVIDERE, N.J. (Warren County) – It’s a Christmas miracle for a New Jersey man who lost his wedding band 15 years ago. reports that David Penner, 68 of Great Meadows, never expected to see his wedding ring again. He lost it 15 years ago when it came off his finger during a trip to Wyckoff’s Tree Farm in Belvidere.  But John Wyckoff found the ring back in April while he was planting trees.

Wyckoff shared the story with local press in November and Penner’s sister-in-law contacted him about it.  Penner drove over and identified the ring by its inscription —  “To David. Love, Nancy” — which Wyckoff didn’t share with the press. Even so, Wyckoff asked Penner to produce a wedding certificate, just to be certain.

“That’s no problem,” Penner said, who produced the document.

The ring is back on Penner’s finger, now, but the reunion is bittersweet: wife Nancy died last September at age 67, after 42 years of marriage.

Says Penner, “This was a piece to come back to me, in her absence.”

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