WATCH: Man In Need Of Weed, Screams To Neighbors For Help

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ (Warren County) – Have you ever needed to borrow something from a neighbor? Well, one man needed to borrow something and it wasn’t flour, sugar or milk but instead it was weed.

A man in The Village Arms Apartments in phillipsburg was screaming on Sunday(5/2/16) that he needed weed.

Dan Boenig captured this video of him teasing a man who was hanging out the window screaming “I need weed.” The man didn’t just want any kind of weed though, he wanted “The best kind.”

Police eventually did arrive at the apartment complex and allegedly told the man to “shut up,” according to Boenig.

It’s unknown if any neighbors eventually helped out the man.

By: Jay Edwards
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(Video Courtesy: Dan Boenig)