WATCH: Mount Olive high school rocks the school in lip dub video

MOUNT OLIVE TWP, NJ (Morris County) – Preparing, organizing and implementing a school-wide project is never an easy task.

However, the clubs and sports teams at Mount Olive High School did just that when they created the “Mount Olive High School Lip Dub 2016” video which was released on Friday.

Lip dub is a combination of lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video and its popularity has soared in the past few years.

Mr. Chris Praml, MOTV instructor, said, “The MOHS Lip Dup was an idea Mr. Stansberry and I have been discussing for a few years now. We felt that it would be a great opportunity to bring the entire school together, raise school spirit and challenge the advanced MOTV students. The Lip Dub will be like a pep rally that includes every student in the school, which is over 1,400 students.”

The TV 4 class at MOHS has been working on the the brainstorming and planning of the lip dub since the end of last school year and started working full time on it in March, according to a news release on the Mount High School website.

The four songs selected for the lip dub were: “We Come Running” by Youngblood Hawke, “Clarity” by Zedd, “Classic” by MKTO, and “Good Time” by Owl City.

“Thanks to the new addition of our steadicam camera we will be able to record the lip dub in one continuous shot running through the school while the steadicam absorbs the shock and keeps our camera shot from shaking. We will intro and close the lip dub with aerial shots recorded using our drone. The students have been working hard performing run throughs with the equipment to work out timing, lighting, shots etc. We have been planning the route and organizing the student sports, clubs and activities,” Praml said.

The Mount Olive High School student council was instrumental in organizing the sign ups for the different groups and the decorating for the lip dub, the news release said.

By: Jay Edwards
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UPDATE: Students Johnny Liccone and Amanda Hull as well as teacher Christopher Praml,all from Mount Olive High School, join Jay Edwards Saturday(5/21/16) at 10:30AM. They will talk about the production of the “Mount Olive High School Lip Dub 2016” video. Listen on 92.7FM, 104.7FM, 1510AM, or on the TuneIn app.