Cops help save woman’s life during traffic stop

BLAIRSTOWN TOWNSHIP, NJ – A Blairstown Township cop was just doing his job when he ended up helping save the life of a woman who appeared to be in cardiac arrest Sunday afternoon.

At 4:46 p.m., officer Chow was patrolling Route 94, when he observed the driver of a blue Chevy pickup truck, pulling out of Cobblewood Road without wearing his seat belt, police said.

Choe then conducted a motor vehicle stop on Route 94 in front of the Acme. As Choe was relaying information to Warren County Communications, the adult male, who was operating the vehicle, exited his vehicle with his arm extended towards the air, police said.

As Choe approached the driver, he advised that his mother, sitting in the front passenger seat, began to gasp for air.  Choe advised Warren County Communications to dispatch Blairstown Ambulance Corps to his location for an elderly female who might be in cardiac arrest, police said.

While retrieving the oxygen tank from the rear of his patrol vehicle, the male advised Choe that his mother had stopped breathing and her lips turned blue. After a quick evaluation, Choe removed the female out of the vehicle and onto the grass area on the side of Route 94. He immediately began chest compressions and instructed the male to give two breaths when instructed. Officer Herzer arrived on scene and began to prepare the bag valve mask and oxygen, police said.

EMTs from Blairstown Ambulance Corps then arrived on scene. Herzer and Choe continued with CPR and applied AED pads onto the patient, police said.

Once they were able to regain a pulse on the patient, she was transferred into the ambulance and transported to Newton Medical Center.

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By: Jay Edwards
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