Here’s how you can help people affected by Harvey

Here’s a list of some of the organizations that are undertaking this work and how you can contribute to them:

The American Red Cross

One of the country’s oldest humanitarian organizations, the Red Cross is providing shelter, food and other necessities in the disaster areas. Donations can be made through its website at or call 800-435-7669.


A Connecticut-based non-profit, Americares provides emergency medical care and supplies in the wake of disasters. Donations for the organization’s Harvey relief efforts can made through its website at

Catholic Charities USA

The Catholic social services organization, which helps with both immediate emergency response and long-term recovery efforts. Visit their website at  or make a gift by phone by calling 713-874-6654.

Community Blood Council of New Jersey

 The blood council is working with a national task force to urge people to give blood as soon as possible, especially those donors who know they have O-positive blood, the safest to transfuse.

Blood drives in southeast Texas are being cancelled due to the ongoing flooding, so outside organizations are readying to resupply that region’s blood supply. Those interested in donating can contact the Community Blood Council at 609-883-9750 or

The Humane Society

The Animal Rescue Team of the country’s largest animal welfare organization is seeking donations to help animals in storm-ravaged areas. Visit their website at or call 866-720-2676.

The Salvation Army

The faith-based charity is providing food, water and other supplies to areas hit by Harvey. Donations can be made through its website at or by phone at 800-SAL-ARMY.