N.J. man charged, 78-year-old woman loses $31.5K in fake roof repair scam

ROXBURY TOWNSHIP, NJ (Morris County) – A Hudson County man has been charged after he allegedly scammed a 78-year-old woman out of $31,500 in fake roof repairs.

Sonny L. Stanley, 42, of Guttenberg was charged Friday with obstruction administration of law, resist arrest-risk to another and theft by deception.

Police said Stanley began is scam on September 26, when he approached the woman and claimed he observed her roof had various issues. He allegedly told the woman much of wood on her roof was rotting and new sealant would have to be used to prevent water from leaking inside.

Stanley advised the woman that he would repair her roof and it would cost $20,000.00 to repair. He instructed her to go to the bank and he would wait for her, police said.

She then responded to the bank and withdrew $11,000, police said.

Stanley arrived at the victim’s residence on September 27 and instructed her to go to the bank and take out an additional $9,000.00.  He provided her a verbal list of all the work already performed on her roof. He then informed the victim that the other side of her roof needed repair and would require an additional $30,000.00, police said.

Stanley arrived at the victim’s residence on October 4 and demanded she pay him an additional $11,500.00. The victim gave him the money and Stanley advised her he would be back for the rest. It was at this point the victim decided to contact the police, police said.

On October 10, the woman came to the police station because she believed she was the victim of a scam and wished to file a police report, police said.

The woman explained to the officer that she was intimidated by Stanley, which is part of the reason she felt as though she had to pay him the money, police said.

She allegedly stated she did not want to keep paying Stanley money, especially since he did not do any work to her roof. The officer instructed her to immediately dial 911 if Stanley returned to her residence. She was also advised to keep her door locked and to try and stall him at the door until officers arrived, police said.

On October 13, at 10:47 a.m., township police received a call to respond to the Kenvil area in reference to a fraud. All Officers responding to the call believed it was Stanley attempting to collect the additional money, police said.

Corporal Henriksen observed Stanley at the victim’s door and he immediately took off and fled on foot. Corporal Henriksen ordered Stanley to stop, however Stanley continued to run towards the rear of the residence. He jumped over a fence, Corporal Henriksen followed and was able to apprehend him and place him under arrest, police said.

Patrolman Valdes, responded to the victim’s residence to inspect her roof area. He confirmed no work had been done to the victim’s roof and there was no rotting areas or leaks, polcie said.

He was lodged in the Morris County Correctional Facility where he was committed in default.

Roxbury Township police provided the following tips:

  • Do not open the door and do not go outside with them.
  • Do not give them any money.
  • Call the police department immediately. One of our officers will respond to your house to determine if work is really needed and if the contractor is legitimate.

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