Woman wearing electronic ankle bracelet faces drug charges

HOPATCONG BOROUGH, NJ (Sussex County) – A 27-year-old woman wearing an ankle bracelet allegedly violates her pretrial release condition and faces drug charges.

On Tuesday at 11:00 a.m., police were contacted by the Sussex County Superior Court Pretrial Unit and they advised police that they were monitoring Dana Rost, 27, through her ankle bracelet.

Rost was at a home on Cornell way where she is forbidden to be, police said.

Police responded to the residence and found Rost walking away from the house. She was stopped by police and they advised her that she wasn’t allowed at the residence. She started to scream and curse at patrols. Police located in her pocket hypodermic syringes and empty heroin bags, police said.

Rost was arrested and taken to headquarters. While at the station, Rost spit on the floors in the cell and outside the cell. She continued to scream from the cell and threatened sexual acts on an officer’s family and himself. Officer’s had to put a spit mask on Rost due to her being so out of control, police said.

Rost was charged with contempt of court, possession of hypodermic syringes, possession of drug paraphernalia, harassment and disorderly conduct. She also has a Paterson warrant which is a detainer after these charges are heard. She was lodged in the Sussex County Jail.

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