Did you hear that? Loud explosions heard in N.J. and Pa.

WARREN COUNTY, NJ – People from all over Warren County reported hearing explosions Sunday evening.

According to radio reports, people also reported hearing the explosions in Northampton County, Pa.

A Pennsylvania State Trooper from the Belfast station told RNJ they did receive reports of explosions but couldn’t locate the source.

Sgt. Jeff Flynn from the New Jersey State Police had no information to release about the explosions.

“We have been made aware of the explosions in our Township and the State police have been called. We have now been notified that homes are shaking and we understand it is coming from one property where they are shooting exploding targets,” Chairman of the Upper Mount Bethel Township Supervisors John Bermingham said. 

The Delaware Water Gap Fire Department shared on their Facebook page that there were allegedly three controlled explosions at an Upper Mount Bethel Township gun range, which might have been the cause of the noise heard in N.J. and Pa.

John Crisp of  Great Meadows told RNJ that he was at home when he heard a single explosion but if there were multiple explosions they were consecutive within in a matter of 2-3 seconds as it sounded sharp with echo.

“It shook the house without any damage to anything. It was like a clap of summertime thunder and had a echo to it. Immediately recognized it as an explosion by the tone and it did not have the elongated rolling of thunder. It certainly came from the west towards Pennsylvania,” Crisp said.

“My immediate thought was a house was just demolished by a gas leak explosion,” Crisp said.

People commented about the incident on North Jerzy Fire Alert’s Facebook page.

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