Hackettstown goat on the lam for more than a year has been caught

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (Warren County) – Fred the goat escaped from the Hackettstown Livestock Auction over a year ago has been caught,police said.

The goat was then taken to the original buyer’s farm. Police said they didn’t capture Fred.

Locals nicknamed the goat Fred and he was seen roaming Hackettstown at night with a group of deer. Fred also has a Facebook page.

Fred was believed to be the suspect in an incident where dozens of goats and sheep escaped the Hackettstown Livestock Cooperative Auction Market on August 8.

According to police, an unsecured gate was pushed open allowing more than 75 goats and sheep to escape. Approximately 50-60 of them were herded back into the pen by police and good samaritans. Police resecured the gate with a piece of rope, police said.

Fred showed up back at the facility on August 9 and headbutted the gate holding the corralled animals multiple times, in an apparent effort to let them back out.

“A piglet that escaped the auction market on August 21 is still on the loose. What name would you give the piglet?,” police said.

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