Hackettstown Medical Center launches Tele-ICU services for critically Ill patients

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (Warren County) – Hackettstown Medical Center unveiled an updated room in their Intensive Care Unit that uses cutting-edge technology to better monitor patients on a 24-hour basis.

Atlantic Health System’s Hackettstown Medical Center, along with Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s largest provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced the launch of Tele-ICU services at Hackettstown Medical Center.

By using sophisticated alert systems, changes in an ICU patient’s condition are assessed by remote physicians or nurses for the purposes of early intervention and prevention of an emergency.

The Tele-ICU room is equipped with a high resolution zoom webcam, bedside microphones, flat screen televisions, and speakers to provide a Tele-ICU 1-way or 2-way video/audio assessment. Tele-ICU also enables physicians and nurses to remotely track a patient’s current status, health records, vital signs and more.

“If there is an issue that can be picked up when they (remote physicians or nurses) monitor vital signs or if they see something that maybe wasn’t recognized here, they can alert the team. Conversely, if the team here see’s something and they need immediate medical care, they can hit a green button that will get a physician on the screen in under a minute,” explains Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Owens.

“I’m looking forward to increasing the outstanding services we provide here,” says Interim Manager of Hackettstown Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, Dorothy McKnight. “We have a wonderful staff. We just needed some support with more physicians to manage critical care patients. Now we have that!”


Patients will be notified prior to entering the Tele-ICU. Dr. McKnight says, “Provided that you’re awake, or if you’re not and your family is here, you will be notified that a camera is in the room. We will explain that there are physicians and nurses on the other end that help us manage critical care patients, and that they will visit with you on admission.”

Atlantic Health Officials also note that Tele-ICU has shown promising results and assisted in countless critical care cases at other Atlantic Health System hospitals, including Newton and Chilton.