Police warn residents about coyote sightings

LONG HILL TOWNSHIP, NJ (Morris County) – Coyote sightings are on the rise not only in Long Hill Township, but in most of the surrounding towns, police said

A resident observed a coyote walking around the area of Long Hill Road and Meyersville Road, located in the Gillette section of the township, Thursday morning, police said.

In response to recent sightings, the Long Hill police department issues the following tips to help keep residents safe during a potential coyote encounter:

  • Never feed coyotes—Feeding endangers your family and neighbors as it lures coyotes into neighborhoods.
  • Keep unattended cats and dogs indoors or in completely enclosed runs, especially at night, and do not assume that a fence will keep a coyote out of your back yard. Accompany your leashed pet outside.
  • Make sure you turn on lights if it is dark to check your back yard for unexpected wildlife.
  • Keep dogs on short leashes while walking outside; the Division of Wildlife recommends a leash no longer than 6 feet.
  • Leave noisemakers on hand to scare away coyotes that may enter your yard, such as whistles and horns.
  • Don’t run away or turn your back on a coyote. Do not allow a coyote to get in between you and your pet or child—keep children close to you.
  • Yell, clap hands, blow a whistle and try to make yourself look larger if you have a close encounter with a coyote.
  • Work with your neighbors to make sure attractants such as fallen fruit, pet food left outside, dirty barbecue grills, and unsecured trash or compost are removed so that negative coyote interactions are minimized. Be sure no one is intentionally feeding coyotes.

Contact the police if there is an immediate danger associated with coyotes.

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(Photo: Courtesy Long Hill Township Police Department)