Reward being offered for information about damaged campaign signs

MORRISTOWN, NJ (Morris County) – Early Thursday morning numerous Jay Webber for Congress and other campaign signs were found shredded and dumped at the Morris County Republican Victory PAC Campaign Headquarters, located at 26 Schuyler Place, according to Executive Director Rob Zwigard.

Zwigard filed a report with the Morristown police. “Our volunteers including older women, mothers and teens who work and volunteer at our Headquarters are terrified to return as they could be subject to further violence,” Zwigard said.

In this election season where brazen government leaders like Eric Holder, Cory Booker and Maxine Waters have made statements encouraging aggressive confrontations with Republicans, it has created an atmosphere which can incite some to misread these cues and act by violent and illegal means.

According to Zwigard “I know Chip Robinson and other Morris Democrat leaders – while I disagree with them strongly on important issues, I know them to be honorable and decent people. I do not think Mikie Sherrill or her Campaign were at all directly involved in these despicable acts, however, the national and statewide Democrat rhetoric has created an environment where some find this abhorrent behavior acceptable.

MRVP calls on government leaders – Republican and Democrat alike to denounce these illegal, threatening and violent acts and – encourage all activists – of all parties and persuasions – to use peaceful and legal means to vigorously advocate for the candidate(s) off their choice.

Sheriff James Gannon, whose facility is across the street from MRVP Headquarters, is investigating the incident in conjunction with the Morristown Police.

According to Zwigard, “MRVP is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. Identities of anyone who comes forward will be kept confidential.”

Zwigard concluded, “in these final weeks for the campaign, I hope both parties can conduct a civil issue oriented campaign, ensuring that all campaign supporters acquit themselves in an honorable and respectful manor. One that will ensure the free fair and honest elections Morris County residents deserve”.

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(Photo: Courtesy Morris County Republican Victory PAC)
(Photo: Courtesy Morris County Republican Victory PAC)
(Photo: Courtesy Morris County Republican Victory PAC)