Morris County homeowner charged after dozens of underage teens found drinking at party

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ (Morris County) – A Morris Township man was charged after police say several underage teenagers were found to be drinking at a party at his home last weekend.

On Friday, officers responded to a Pembroke Place residence for the report of a juvenile drinking party, according to Morris Township Police Chief Mark DiCarlo.

Officers quickly discovered that the party was attended by approximately 70-80 individuals. Some of the attendees ran from the scene and were not located by police, DiCarlo said.

All of the individuals were determined to be under the legal drinking age of 21 and 69 of the party goers were identified as juveniles under the age of 18. Two of the party goers were identified as 18-years-old, DiCarlo said.

The homeowner, who was identified as Cesar Quispe, was home at the time and allegedly stated he was unaware of the party. DiCarlo said.

Quispe was charged with a disorderly person’s offense of making property available for underage consumption of alcohol”. A disorderly person’s offense, if found guilty, may pose a penalty of not more than 6 months in jail, probation and a monetary fine.

The juveniles were from five different high schools, according to police, including Morristown High School, Bernardsville High School, Morristown Beard School, Seton Hall Preparatory School and Shepard Preparatory School, DiCarlo said.

There were no injuries or medical emergencies involving the individuals, DiCarlo said.

“Besides the health risk involving underage drinking and associated offenses, there are usually other social implications which could include educational institution punishment, potential criminal record, and loss of college opportunity,” DiCarlo said.

“Parents are reminded that there are criminal as well as potential civil punishments for providing alcohol to minors. Please be responsible and assure our youth are positively influenced and kept safe from potential dangerous situations,” DiCarlo said.

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