Coming Soon: the Main Street Café

On the Good Friday edition of the Morning Program, Morning Mike welcomed Sergio and Arledy Rendon to Studio #1 at RNJ, to talk about the Main Street Café, a bakery and restaurant opening soon at 103 Main Street, Hackettstown, across from Dollar General. Sergio and Arledy live in Wharton, but enjoy visiting Hackettstown – and when they saw the business property at 103 Main Street available, they decided it was time to put Sergio’s restaurant experience to work for themselves. As of Friday, April 14th, they are waiting for one more final inspection before they receive permission to open. Sergio says they will open at 5:00 a.m., to make sure fresh bakery items and delicious Colombian coffee are ready to go. Along with traditional breakfast items, the café menu will include burgers, steaks, fish, fries, roasted potatoes, fried plantains and more, available for lunch and dinner.

As you drive by on Main Street, keep watching for the “Now Open” sign at the Main Street Café.