“Eavesdropping Appliances” with Morning Mike

During “The RNJ Morning Program” on Tuesday, Morning Mike spent some time chatting with Certified Identity Risk Management Specialist Heather Wagenhals. Heather is a celebrated columnist, author several books, and host of “Unlock Your Wealth Radio.” Mike and Heather talked about the new technology invading our lives – cars, televisions, refrigerators, and connected homes. It sounds so convenient to turn on lights with a voice command, or to set your thermostat from a smartphone – but all of these devices are connected to the Internet. And Heather warns, most of them have very little security. These devices can track your living patterns – even listen in to your conversations – and leave you vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. Heather offers some helpful tips on her web sites, moneycreditandyou.com and unlockyourwealthradio.com.