The High Tech Dentist on High Tech Dental Implants

Dr. Gary Vander Vliet stopped by the RNJ Morning Program recently to talk about Dental Implants. Right after chatting with Morning Mike he was on his way to a seminar about the latest technology in dental implants.

Implants replace the root of a missing tooth. Millions of dental implants are placed each year, rapidly replacing the older practice of dental bridges and partials. Dr. Gary explained the importance of replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible, and the process by which today’s new dental implants are installed. You can learn much more about this latest dental technology by visiting Dr. Gary Vander Vliet at Dr. Vander Vliet is at Advanced Dental Care of West Morris, Hastings commons, Bldg. 2B, 486 Schooley’s Mountain Rd., Hackettstown. Call 908-852-8858.