Morning Mike and “Songs To Make Dogs Happy”

This past week, Morning Mike caught up with Skip Haynes and Dana Walden of Laurel Canyon Animal Company. After careers in rock ’n’ roll music, Haynes and Walden formed Laurel Canyon Animal Company 20 years ago. It’s the only record label in the world that creates music about, for and with animals, and the only label in the world that uses psychics to involve animals directly in the creative musical process. They are the first record company to co-produce an album with a gorilla and to use psychics to communicate, not only with dogs and cats, but also with Pink Dolphins.

Skip shared their latest project, “Songs To Make Dogs Happy,” a collection of 10 tunes. They utilized the services of an animal communicator who convened focus groups of dogs taken from over two hundred and fifty dogs nationwide – both shelter animals and pets. The music and lyrics for the CD were created based on the dog’s responses as “translated” via the communicator. The result was a CD that dogs love to listen to.

You can learn more about their company, and listen to “Squeaky Deaky” (and other songs) by visiting their website.