The word is: Xerostomia

Morning Mike welcomed Dr. Gary Vander Vliet, the High Tech Dentist, to the Morning Program to learn a new word – and find out what it means to our health. Dr. Gary explained that “Xerostomia” is the medical term for dry mouth, a common but often overlooked condition. One thing is for sure, Xerostomia in not rare. About one out of every three adults over 65 suffers from this condition – and rates rise as we age.

Dr. Gary explained that dry mouth is a serious health issue because saliva normally neutralizes all of the acids in your mouth. This can lead to more cavities, mouth sores, gum disease, and infections, as well as other less serious issues.

Dr, Gary shares some tips on his website for determining if you have Xerostomia, and how to treat it. Learn much more by visiting Dr. Gary Vander Vliet at Dr. Vander Vliet is at Advanced Dental Care of West Morris, Hastings commons, Bldg. 2B, 486 Schooley’s Mountain Rd., Hackettstown. Call 908-852-8858.