Two Dentists (!!!) with Morning Mike

On Friday, Morning Mike welcomed his regular guest, Dr. Gary Vander Vliet, along with his guest, Dr. Elizabeth Herko. Dr. Beth is a new addition to the staff at Advanced Dental Care of West Morris. A native of Canada, she has a Masters of Public Health from New York Medical College and she received her dentistry degree from New York University, College of Dentistry. Dr. Herko has eleven years of experience in general dentistry, and is a Fellow in the prestigious Academy of General Dentistry. In her spare time, Dr. Herko enjoys skiing, reading, traveling with her husband and two young children, and spending time with her French bulldog.

Dr. Gary invites you to come by and meet Dr. Herko at Advanced Dental Care of West Morris, in Hastings Commons, 486 Schooley’s Mountain Rd., Hackettstown. Dr. Gary said that the addition of Dr. Herko to the staff will allow for expanded hours on evenings and weekends. For more details, check out their website at