David’s Country Inn celebrates its 40th Anniversary

On the Wednesday edition of the RNJ Morning Program, Chris Falzarano stopped by to visit with Morning Mike and share the celebration of David’s County Inn’s 40th Anniversary. Originally purchased by his parents in 1978, David’s has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in town. Louis and Theodora (Teddi) Falzarano were owners of a furniture store on Main Street that was next door to the building that would eventually become David’s. Neither had any experience in the restaurant business. But they saw something beautiful in the historic building, which had once been a stage coach shop and inn. The building had fallen into disrepair and was set to be knocked down by the town, but the Falzaranos had another vision, purchasing it for $125,000. After extensive renovations, the business started as an upscale restaurant; Chris said that in the early 1990s, the business model changed to become an exclusive events facility with a well-earned reputation for its impeccable design, culinary excellence, and personal attention. Chris shared that this year David’s will host at least 150 weddings, plus many more private parties, gatherings, and celebrations. For more information, visit