Dr. Gary Vander Vliet, the High Tech Dentist: What To Expect On Your First Visit

On a recent Friday morning, Dr. Gary Vander Vliet stopped by the RNJ studios to talk with Morning Mike. If you are seeking a new dentist or have been nervous about seeing a dentist, Dr. Gary shared what to expect during your first visit to his office. First of all, much like a visit to any doctor, they will do a Medical History Exam; they will also explore your dental history, as well as any specific dental concerns you have. Since dental issues can play a part in sleep apena, they will do an assessment for that before moving on the x-rays and photographs of your mouth. Then, along with a complete exam of your mouth (including teeth), they will perform an oral cancer exam with their Oral ID light.

If you’d like more information, or have questions, Dr. Gary Vander Vliet would be happy to talk with you. Visit his website,, where you can submit a question, or call his office,  Advanced Dental Care of West Morris, at 908-852-8858. Their office is located in Hastings Commons, Building 2B, at 486 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Hackettstown.