Jordan Goodman, “America’s Money Answers Man” talks tariffs and trade wars with Morning Mike

On a Monday edition of the RNJ Morning Program, “America’s Money Answers Man” Jordan Goodman joined Morning Mike for an insightful conversation about a hot news topic lately: tariffs and trade wars. President Trump has begun imposing tariffs on certain products imported from China, Europe and Mexico, in retaliation to the tariffs these countries impose on American products they import. In response, China has already raised its tariffs, and Europe and Mexico are considering increases as well. Jordon told us that this “trade war” is not good for American consumers and the economy. Prices on certain products have already gone up, and more increases are expected. In response, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, and more increases are expected there as well. Goodman said that, unless “some one Blinks” – meaning one country agrees to reduce tariffs – the end result could be a worldwide recession. Learn more about Jordon’s take on this issue, and many others regarding personal finance, on his website,