Morning Mike learns all about Cold Laser Inch Loss

The old phrase, “You learn something new every day,” was never truer than on Wednesday, when Mike spoke with Aaron Maciak, representing North Jersey Cold Laser Associates. Their office, which has been open for about there months, is located at 121 Shelley Drive in Hackettstown, next to Mama’s and Café Baci. Aaron explained that the “3B Cold Laser” emits a beam that penetrates just a few millimeters under the skin, causing fat cells to become porous. This causes them to release fatty acids, glycerol, and water. The liver stores the glycerol for future energy, and the body flushes away the fatty acids and water. Although weight loss may result from the therapy, the goal is “inch loss,” measured from various areas on your body. Recommended treatments should be done twice a week for four to five weeks, and a healthy diet with exercise is necessary to maintain the results.

To learn more, visit North Jersey Cold Laser Associates at 121 Shelley Drive in Hackettstown. Check out their website, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or give them a call at 908-509-1782.