“Novel Women” authors join Morning Mike

On the Monday edition of the RNJ Morning Program, Morning Mike welcomed Patricia Vrana and Kim Sullivan-Harwanko to the Studio #1 guest Microphone. They are two of the five authors who collaborated on “Novel Women,” a novel by women who belong to a book club – and the novel is about women who belong to a book club. Kim explained that there are actually twelve members of “The Good Friends Book Club” who have been getting together since 2004 discussing the books they read. About seven years ago, five of them – with an interest in writing – discussed the idea of a collaborative effort. 

It is an interesting concept, in that each writer worked on storylines that involved all of the characters, and none of the chapters are credited to a specific author. Kim Sullivan-Harwanko, the acknowledged leader of the group, noted that the editing process was especially time consuming, to smooth out the writing and make it consistent over the arc of the entire novel. All of the authors are local to the RNJ listening area.

“Novel Women” is available wherever books are sold. You can learn more about the Between Friends Book Club on their website (which includes reviews on books they have read), and you can learn more about the novel and the authors at