Suffering with Sciatica Pain? Carol Cote, from North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates, is here to help

On a Wednesday edition of the RNJ Morning Program, Morning Mike welcomed Carol Cote to the guest microphone in Studio #1. Carol is the President and Director of North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates (NJPTA), with offices in Hackettstown and Morristown. Carol first explained that Sciatica is a broad term referring to pain down the leg; there are many different types of this pain, and many different causes. They key to any successful treatment, then, is discovering the cause – a task which begins with lots of questions. 

If you would like to know more Carol and her staff would love to talk with you and begin the process. You can call the Hackettstown office of North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates at 908-852-7575. Visit their website, or make an appointment at their offices, 490 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Hastings Commons Suite 3B, Hackettstown.