Radio Spots

WRNJ Simulcasts on 92.7 & 104,7 FM / 1510 AM  | The Tunein APP |

(5 channels to get your message delivered).

60 & 30 Second Commercials  – Our professional advertising and production team writes, records and produces commercials that keep your company’s goals in mind and drive customer traffic. Consistency and frequency are key components to ensure ‘Top of the Mind Awareness’ .

BID Packages –  Local BID members  (Business Improvement District) have the opportunity to feature their business with a 15 second spot, shared with a non competing BID members in a 60 second spot. (Airs a minimum of 30x per month).

RNJ News Sponsors – Our news team provides the latest happenings  every hour from 6am – 7pm. Add your commercial during one of our newscasts and get noticed!  (intro & outro + 30 second spot)

Weather Sponsors – Weather sponsors have tremendous frequency! These 7 second  spots run 36x in 24 hours .

(7 second weather sponsor that runs 36x in 24 hours)

EX ‘ “This weather was brought to you by Gallagher’s plumbing and Heating, the guys who take their shoes off.”

LIVE Reads – Have the DJ promote  your company (LIVE) during their program.

(15 second live read).

EX “This portion of the program is brought to you by, SASCO Insurance Services in Hackettstown and Washington. When the question is insurance, the answer is SASCO.”

Remote Broadcast – Have WRNJ broadcast live from your location!


  • 3 hours “Live on the air” with customer & staff interviews
  • 20 x 30 second spots prior to the event and 2 local live interviews
  • Social media coverage of the event before, during and after.