WATCH: Assemblyman Jon Bramnick on the Statehouse floor


Bramnick calls out Dems on presidential tax returns

TRENTON, N.J. – Presidential candidates may be required to disclose their federal tax returns to appear on the New Jersey ballot in 2020, but gubernatorial and legislative candidates won’t after Democrats pushed back against Assembly Republican Leader John Bramnick’s call for greater transparency.  Bramnick called for an amendment to include state legislative and gubernatorial candidates.

“In this house there is no requirement for us to disclose our tax returns,” said Bramnick moving to make amendments.

The amendment was raised while debating a bill (A4520) requiring presidential and vice-presidential candidates to disclose their federal tax returns. His motion was tabled by a vote of 46-26.

“If transparency and income taxes were the issue, the majority would have passed a bill in the past decade and a half requiring all of us to show our income,” concluded Bramnick.  “This bill has political overtones and is clearly one we on this side of the aisle do not support.”

Story provided by NJ Assembly Republicans