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Hackettstown Medical Experts Offer Winter Weather Advice

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (Warren County) – The intense winter weather continues in Northwest, New Jersey, with no relief from the bone chilling temperatures in the foreseeable future.

Medical Experts are warning folks to avoid long exposure to the cold, especially over the weekend, when forecasts show temperatures could drop into the single digits.

Hackettstown Medical Center’s Director of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Maulik Trivedi, says it’s crucial for people to dress appropriately when going outdoors.

“Clothing plays a big part in this. Wear dry clothes and dress in layers. The wind does play a role in this. It doesn’t necessarily affect the temperature, but it does affect the cooling rate. So if you can get wind proof clothing that helps as well,” says Dr.  Trivedi.

The Director of the Department of Medicine goes on to say parents should monitor their children when playing in the snow.

“The other thing that you have to watch for is moisture. This something that we commonly see with children, when they’re out playing in the wet snow their hands might get cold. So stay dry, and stay warm,” explains Dr.  Trivedi.

Meteorologists also say snow is in the forecast for Thursday. Flurries could begin in the early morning hours, with snow fall accumulations of less than one inch.

Published by: Katie Moriarty