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Hackettstown Welcomes Newly Apointed Fire Chief Raymond Eroh Jr.

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (Warren County)  – Newly appointed Hackettstown Fire Chief Raymond Eroh Jr. offered warm words, as he said farewell to his predecessor, Former Fire Chief Tom Gibbs, at the 2018 Hackettstown Re-Organization meeting on Sunday.

“Last year was a good year, and Tom Gibbs did a great job. I’m looking forward to following in his footsteps. I’ve learned a lot from him and now I’m looking forward to the coming year,” said Eroh, who also served as Deputy Chief of the Hackettstown Fire Department in 2017.

Hackettstown Mayor Maria DiGiovanni commented on the transition between Former Chief Gibbs and Chief Eroh saying, “Chief Gibbs did a fantastic job. He was conscientious and attended every council meeting to give us an update, as well as incoming Chief Eroh. It was really nice to see that succession happen. He and Chief Gibbs worked so well together.”

Also sworn into office for 2018 are the following: Bruce J Tynan- Deputy Chief, Richard Bardyszewski- 1st Asst Chief , Fred Tillou- 2nd Asst Chief , Anthony Levesque- Ladder Co. Captain , Scott Tillou- Hose Co. Foreman, Tom Buchanan- Ladder Co. Lieutenant , John Tillou- Hose Co. Asst. Foreman. 

The Hackettstown Fire Department has sixty-nine active members according to their website.

The volunteer fire fighting group known as, “Fire Company Relief No. 2” was founded in 1855.  The department’s website also notes that the dedicated men and women of the Hackettstown Fire Department answer between 300 and 400 alarms per year.

Published By: Katie Moriarty WRNJ News Reporter