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Canna Bulbs For Sale

I am selling 4 Lots of Canna Bulbs. They are deer RESISTANT Holland America Cannas for Christmas and holiday gifts. I will package up the bulbs in one of 2 lot sizes you choose.  Great to share with your garden friends.

They attract many gorgeous Ruby-throated hummingbirds all summer through till fall.  Plant in May (directions provided) and Blooms appear this coming summer.  Won BEST of Show HOLLAND AMERICA Red Robert Kemp Cannas GROW UP TO 6-7′ per bulb.  Each eye, grows into a plant, 1-2 eyes per bulb.

Ask for either: 6 large jumbo brilliant RED Robert KEMP Cannas @ $12.99 or,  3 @ $6.99 – your choice.

Please call 973-927-2289 and leave a detailed message with your name and number.