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Perennials and House Plants For Sale

I have the following plants for sale:

  1. 4 Cuttings of red giant flowering Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum ackermannii).  Cuttings take right to soil. With directions. Asking $8.99 per set of 4 cuttings.
  2. 12 Spider plant babies,variegated, bare root.  Asking $6.00 for 12.
  3. 4 JUMBO blooming/flowering CATNIP, bare root. Has flowers to attract the Yellow Goldfinch in the late summer with it’s tiny black seeds they love to eat! Butterflies and pollinators all summer love this plant. 4 at $11.99 (very large) Super deal.
  4.  1 JUMBO BURPEE organic Non-GMO, outdoor cherry tomato plan. 5 times larger than seen in stores.  Asking$7.00.

Please call 973-927-2289 days till 6:30pm.