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Plants for Sale

I am selling the following plants:

  1. Eight Catnip (Zoom – organic and Non-GMO brand) healthy, lush, green rooted plants from organic soil.  Attracts American Goldfinch in droves  for it’s black oily seeds (double benefit).   Plenty to make catnip toys. Winter hardy, self seeds.   2  Lots available of 8 plants. 8  plants per lot. Asking $6.99 for 8.
  2. Two very large ready to bloom Chamomile Plants.  White daisy like mini flowers, excellent in cut flower arrangements.  Asking $4.99 each.
  3. Real organic Non-GMO Chocolate Mint. 8 rooted sections with generous top area with leaves for $3.99.

Phone:  973-927-2289 for pick ups. Available any early morning or early evening before 7PM.