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AAA Mid-Atlantic Winter Weather Driving Tips

HAMILTON, NJ  (Mercer County) – AAA Mid-Atlantic officials report cold temperatures have wreaked havoc on car batteries and tires over the last few days.

A recent press release says since January, a whopping 28,000 members have reported issues territory-wide, 13,000 of which were related to dead car batteries. 

Statistics also say a car’s battery loses approximately 35 percent of its strength at 32 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Manager of Public and Government Affairs, Tracy Noble, says, “Our roadside assistance fleet has been working round the clock to rescue our members, especially during this extreme cold snap.”

In New Jersey, AAA Mid-Atlantic has responded to 7,320 member calls for assistance over the last four days.

“It’s critical that drivers take every precaution, plan, and prepare for potential snow and ice, as well as the possibility of being stranded roadside for an extended period of time,” explains Noble.

AAA Mid-Atlantic also urges drivers to remember the following safety tips: travel with an emergency kit in their vehicle, fill gas tanks, check the air pressure in all four tires, and have a fully charged phone on hand whenever leaving home. 

As for drivers maneuvering in ice and snow, AAA Mid-Atlantic warns folks to slow down and remember to leave three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.

It’s also wise to avoid unnecessary lane changes, minimize the need to break on ice, and never use cruise control on slippery roads.

For more safety tips visit AAA Mid-Atlantic’s website.

Published by: Katie Moriarty