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At Gottheimer’s Capitol office, antisemitic individual vandalizes hostage posters, including one of a child, for second time

WASHINGTON, D.C.  On Thursday, once again, hate-filled protestors are accused of defacing posters outside U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer’s (NJ-5) office of innocent civilians, including Americans, kidnapped Oct. 7.

Hamas terrorists violently ripped the hostages from their homes, as they murdered their family members and neighbors.

Gottheimer’s office notified the US Capitol Police.

This is the second time posters of innocent civilians were vandalized outside of Gottheimer’s office.

One of the posters is of Adina Moshe, 72 , who was violently kidnapped on a motorcycle from her home on October 7. Thankfully, after 49 days in Gaza, Adina was freed. Adina’s husband, Sa’id David Moshe, was killed by Hamas terrorists.

The other poster is of Yuval Brodutch, who is 9 years old and was violently kidnapped from his home on October 7 with his mother, Hagar, and siblings, Ofri and Oriya. Thankfully, Yuval and his family were freed after more than 50 days in Gaza.

“This is a truly deprived and heinous act. To vandalize posters of innocent civilians who were violently ripped from her home as Hamas terrorists shot and murdered their family and neighbors is a blatant act of antisemitism and hate,” Gottheimer said. “This is now the second time posters of innocent civilians have been vandalized outside of my Capitol Hill office. I notified the Capitol Police. I will continue to always speak out against this horrific behavior which only serves to perpetuate and amplify the skyrocketing levels of antisemitism across our nation.”

On October 7, Hamas terrorists brutally murdered, burned, raped, decapitated, and kidnapped more than 1,200 people, including Americans. Today, more than 130 remain hostage inside Gaza including five Americans.

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