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Carebot ABA’s Grand Opening in Budd Lake June 4th

Compassionate Care and Therapy for Children with Autism

Carebot ABA announces a grand opening celebration at its new location at 100 International Drive, Budd Lake on Sunday June 4th from 1pm to 5pm. RSVP is required. Use the QR code in the flyer below to register.

Carebot ABA is Budd Lake’s new center-based ABA (applied behavioral analysis) program designed to help children tackle the challenges that come along with their autism diagnoses and achieve true progress. ABA is a behavioral therapy used to improve the communication and social skills in children with autism. Autism spectrum disorder, is generally diagnosed in early childhood and limits an individual’s ability to interact with the world around him. ABA therapy is a clinically proven method that combines positive reinforcement with direct instruction to help children achieve their growth milestones. One of the major benefits of ABA is that it’s highly individualized. That means the therapist tailor the treatment plan for each client, thereby tapping into each child’s unique needs and strengths.

Carebot ABA’s Founder Krassy Brown is a special education veteran who’s helped many children from underprivileged backgrounds receive the services they needed. Throughout her years in the special education sector, she noticed a void in our communities. “I see the lack of quality care available to these families,” she said. “I met children who had a diagnosis, but they couldn’t find a center that matched their needs. Families tried desperately to find a place for their child, and in the meanwhile, their child regressed. It’s heartbreaking.”

Brown conducted comprehensive research on ABA therapy and its ideal setting, and drew on the knowledge she gained to develop her vision for an ABA center. She desperately wanted to create that ultimate space where children could thrive.

Carebot is like no other ABA center. It combines the most advanced therapy techniques with up-and-coming technology to create a unique space where children with autism spectrum disorder can truly feel at home. According to Brown, Carebot spared no expenses in the planning, design, and setup of the center. “We reached out to so many professionals and experts in the autism field. We asked them what colors would be best. What tables and chairs to use. What kind of lighting to install. Everything is especially designed for children with these disabilities.”

There are multiple therapy rooms within the center, and each one boasts a specialized chair and table designed to assist with sensory stimulation. Every room has lighting that can be adjusted to meet the needs of a client. The center also boasts a high-tech calming room for children experiencing a behavioral episode, as well as a gym/activity room. Due to HIPPA laws, parents may not be in the center during therapy sessions. Therefore, we created a special viewing room where parents can virtually observe their child, learn the techniques therapists are using, and practice those techniques at home.

The center’s goal, Brown says, is to help children achieve as much independence as they are capable of. “We care deeply about each child. We want each child to be successful. Our dream is to get our clients into mainstream classrooms and to be independent members of the community.”

Carebot is staffed by Board Certified Behavioral Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians. Brown carefully hand-picked professionals who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and care strongly about children.

“I’ve wanted to work in special education since I was a child,” one BCBA said. “I always had a love for learning, and when I studied the science of behavioral analysis, I fell in love. It really helped me hone in on my skills.”

All of Carebot ABA’s staff is united behind a singular vision: to give children with autism the greatest chance of success. They are all passionate about creating a center that combines tried-and-true methods with cutting-edge technology to ensure the best results.

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