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Community action for mosquito control from the Warren County Mosquito Commission: Dump, Drain and Defend

WARREN COUNTY, NJ – The Warren County Mosquito Commission is asking for your help to reduce the potential mosquito populations that could hatch due to the 4-6 inches of rain that fell last week.

The easiest way to eliminate mosquitoes is to get rid of standing water around your home and neighborhood, the commission said.

“Please help us help you. It is not possible for the Mosquito Commission to go through each yard. Our nighttime treatments only kill the mosquitoes flying at that time,” the commission said.

Residents can take the following steps to help reduce the mosquito population:

  • Check your yards and neighborhoods for anything that holds water.
  • Dump the water from containers, such as buckets, kiddie pools, and plant saucers.
  • Drain standing water from tarps and pool covers.
  • Recycle tires and other containers properly.
  • Keep lids on recycling and trash cans.
  • Bird baths and pet dishes should be scrubbed weekly to eliminate mosquito eggs.
  • Clean up trash in your neighborhood.

“Our staff is out daily treating natural mosquito habitats and we are asking for your help with the manmade habitats,” the commission said.

Defend yourself from mosquito bites by wearing repellent and securing window and door screens. If one repellent does not work for you, try one with a different active ingredient. Check the Centers of Disease Control website for information about EPA approved repellents.

For more information, contact the Warren County Mosquito Control Commission at or call 908-453-3585.

Jay Edwards

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