Bob Giordano

Bob Giordano Headshot

Local Impact: First Wednesdays @ 10:00AM - 11:00AM

A resident of Independence township for over 40 years, Bob Giordano is nothing if not an expert on Warren County and the local issues that affect Northwest New Jersey. Giordano has served on-and-off as the Mayor of Independence for decades, and is serving that role currently on a term that expires in 2021. Giordano is also a member of the Warren County delegation to the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, representing municipal interests at the State and Federal level. In between his political obligations, Giordano co-hosts WRNJ’s Local Impact with Joyce Estey and Chuck Haytaian to shed light on the municipal issues that don’t get covered in other media. Giordano also has a background in courtroom reporting, business, and is involved in a plethora of local organizations that benefit the local citizens. 

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