Greta Latona

RNJ Afternoon Drive: Weekdays @ 3:00PM - 7:00PM

It’s Greta Latona and just like you, I love music, all music and I talk, to everyone. I’m a graduate of Felician University with a Medical Degree – which led me to a Broadcasting Career. I know that sounds odd, but after medicine I went back to study broadcasting with the intention that there was so much information and advances in health screenings and somehow that information needed to get to the public. So with that, I got a job working on commercials, copy writing, and production and voicing community events, which lead to an ON AIR job. Now, I could guide people to blood drives, tell them about community fundraisers and fun events in the area and play great music along the way.   This is my American Dream. While working ON AIR at WGHT Radio and as the Assistant Program Director, I have implemented programs in the community that brought in 13 Crystal Radio nominations from the NAB. I have received awards from the Garden State Journalist Association for ON AIR Interviews with celebrity recording artists and our “call-in-contests” were recognized too. Rounding out a list of awards in my career included Marconi Award honors and a New York Air Award.   I’ve had a Morning Café Show, a Big Band Show, a Christian Show, and for over 11 years a Co-host of a Morning Show in the NYC market. I’ve been both backstage and on-stage as an MC to some of the greatest events. I’m a musician, have a DJ entertainment company, and have read at every family’s wedding in the tri -state. I’ve done countless voiceover work in commercials for Cars, Broadway Shows, and the businesses in your hometown. I’m a dabbler. I love classic cars and long-drives in scenic areas. I’m just like you, I work, I shop, and I’ll roll up my sleeves to help when needed. I’m the easiest person on the planet to work or be around. Oh, and I love animals. I have a Chihuahua that’s 4.5 pounds named Dasher. Yes, after the Reindeer.

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