Joyce Estey

WRNJ News: Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays @ 10:00AM - 7:00PM

Joyce Estey really loves her work. Estey came on-board as the WRNJ News Director nearly 2 decades ago. Since then she’s come to know a lot about the area, the people and their needs. Twice a year she coordinates political forums, to keep listeners informed before they head out to the polls. Prior to joining WRNJ, Estey spent four years as the News Director at WSUS and interned at WNNJ, both in Sussex County. Estey’s off-air time is filled with family and friends. She’s a wife and mother of 3, an active member of her church, an avid reader, and recently brought a dream to life by restoring a nearly 100-year-old home! For four years, Estey taught as an adjunct professor at Warren County Community College, instructing students on the various aspects of radio broadcasting. Estey believes in daily exercise, her current regimen involves walking, a benefit to body and mind.

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