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Mars Food delivers 4.3B healthy meals to families around the world, provides 23M meals to communities in need

Mars Food recently shared its latest Purpose in Action Report, which showcases the company’s work to provide better food today and a better world tomorrow, including the progress they have made towards their purpose commitments.

In 2021  Mars Food set out its new five-year ambition to provide 5.5 billion healthy meals per year by 2025 – an increase from its previous ambition to deliver 4 billion healthy meals per year, which was achieved in 2021.

This new ambition is supported by a series of five-year commitments to drive continued action, which are focused on three key areas:

  • Better Food Today – delivering more healthy meals, further improving the nutritional quality across their product portfolio and providing meals to those in need.
  • A Better World Tomorrow – continuing to drive our sustainability agenda by reducing unsustainable water use and GHG emissions, improving farmer livelihoods and focusing on packaging.
  • Driving Brand Purpose – making a meaningful difference through their brands by committing to more inclusive, sustainable and responsible business practices.

The report details the strong progress that Mars Food has made against these targets over the last year, including:

  • Delivered 4.3 billion healthy meals globally
  • Added 848 million servings of vegetables and 214 million servings of fibre across its portfolio
  • Reduced sodium across their product portfolio by 3.2% through reformulation and innovation
  • Pioneered and partnered with industry leaders to improve sustainable rice farming practices
  • Reduced the amount of unsustainable water used by 22%
  • Utilised the power of our brands to make a meaningful difference, including awarding the first eight students with the Ben’s Original U.S. SEAT AT THE TABLE™ Fund scholarship to help increase diversity in the food industry

With food insecurity remaining an increasing issue for many people around the world, the company has also partnered with food banks and social aid charities to donate 23 million meals to those in need.

Mars Food’s 2025 Purpose Commitments are the latest goals the company has set themselves as they strive to provide better food today and a better world tomorrow.

Mars Food’s 2025 purpose target take action on:

Better Food Today
  • Deliver 5.5 billion healthy meals per year by 2025;
  • Provide 800 million more servings of vegetables alongside a 30% increase of fibre in all Mars Food products and a 5% reduction of sodium by 2025;
  • Ensure 25 million healthy meals are provided to those in need through strategic partnerships.
Better World Tomorrow
  • Aim to have 100% of its plastic packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable;
  • Ensure 100% of rice farmers in its supply chain at risk of poverty are reached programs designed to enable them to thrive by 2025;
  • Eliminate unsustainable water use in its value chain, starting with a 50% reduction by 2025.
Drive  Brand Purpose
  • Make a meaningful and measurable difference through their brands by committing to more inclusive, sustainable and responsible business practices, including:
  • Create opportunities that offer everyone a seat at the table through the Ben’s Original™ Seat at the Table™ scholarship fund and celebrate diverse cuisines & cultures;
  • Plant nutritious seeds for every Seeds of Change™ product purchased, so that our communities can enjoy healthy, nutritious food;
  • Donate 2% profits through the Tasty Bite™ Foundation to accelerate sustainable and inclusive rural development by empowering farmers in India;
  • Royco® a providing meals of hope for those who need it most in South Africa.

Furthermore, Mars Food is also reflecting these commitments internally by supporting its Associates in being able to enjoy dinner at home with their families, whether that’s leaving the office on time or switching off at home.

“At Mars Food we are dedicated to providing better food today and a better world tomorrow. We believe a better world tomorrow is one where more people have access to healthy meals; more people cook and sit down together to enjoy shared dinnertimes; and more food can be produced with less environmental impact. Over the last year we have delivered 4.3 billion healthy meals which have been shared on dinner tables around the world, donated more than 23 million meals to those most in need within our communities and progressed our sustainability agenda. I am incredibly proud the progress we have made over the last year. However, we know we are not perfect and we still have much more to do. Our Mars Food Purpose continues to guide us as we strive to make more progress so that we can continue to make big, meaningful differences to billions of lives around the world,” Shaid Shah, Global President of Mars Food, Edge Multisales and Global Customers said.

To see the full Mars Food Purpose in Action Report, click here.

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